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About Lage Heide
Are you looking for peace and quiet, space and nature, but not far from many facilities? Do you want the comfort of a new sustainably built house, which still exudes an authentic small town and rural character? Then living in Lage Heide is for you! You are surrounded by nature and still live close to the (historic) center of Dommelen and Valkenswaard.


Lage Heide - a special place

A special place

Lage Heide offers a wide variety of houses and building plots, which are subtly integrated into the greenery and history of the area. The houses in Lage Heide are designed with an eye for detail. Much attention has been paid to space, quality and atmosphere. The houses will  be located in beautiful, green streets. Because of the spacious front and side gardens the whole radiates an informal character. The houses are beautifully detailed, which contributes to the small town atmosphere. In addition, there are many possibilities in terms of personal choices in home finishing, expansion on the plot, etc.


Nieuwe N69 Valkenswaard.JPG

A new route to Veldhoven and Eindhoven

"The New N69" 

Through the "New Connection N69", after completion in 2022, you will reach Veldhoven (and also ASML Veldhoven) in 10 minutes.
By connecting this new road to the A67 and the Randweg Eindhoven you can reach the High Tech Campus in 15 minutes and the city center of Eindhoven in 20 minutes.
Read more about this new route at grenscorridorn69.nl .

To the website of the New N69

Child friendly and facilities

Child friendly
Going to school close to home: convenient, safe and familiar. Close to Lage Heide is an elementary school and in the vicinity Valkenswaard offers even more (secondary) schools, childcare and extracurricular care. This area offers a wide range of daily amenities and recreational activities. The ideal living environment for your family.

In Valkenswaard a 'new home' is being built with Lage Heide.  Miscellaneous, green, small town-like, but also near urban facilities. From Lage Heide you can be in the center of Valkenswaard in no time, with all shopping and entertainment facilities. But just as fast you walk or cycle into the beautiful natural surroundings of for example the Malpie or Boswachterij Leenderbos.


We are currently developing the plans for the new houses. Read more about it on this page. The start of the sale for De Zilverlinde and Blauwspar III is expected to take place during the third quarter of 2021, and Mgr Smetsstraat in the autumn of 2021.

As soon as more information is available - such as floor plans, brochures, prices per dwelling and the start of the sale - we will inform you via the newsletter. From the start of the sale it is possible to register for one or more homes.

If you have any question, please contact the real estate agent

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Lage Heide-De Zilverlinde-tweekapper en vrijstaand geschakeld-ai exterieur.jpg

De Zilverlinde

Conveniently located in the green southeast corner of Lage Heide is the new plan De Zilverlinde. This small scale plan consists of 8 houses: 4 semi-detached houses and 4 detached houses.


The 4 semi-detached houses in De Zilverlinde have a beautiful location. On one side you can enjoy a view of the farmlands and on the other side you have a view of a green square. Many windows provide plenty of daylight in the houses and a view of the green surroundings. This house type has an appealing appearance because of the overhanging roof.

- Living space approx. 143 m2
- Lot approx.: 228 - 245 m2
- Purchase price approx. € 450,000


Do you want green surroundings and plenty of living space? Then the 4 detached houses are ideal for you! The side extension with roof gives this house - in addition to a prominent appearance - extra space on both the first floor and the second floor. Also in these houses you see large windows that provide lots of daylight.

- Living space approx. 169 m2
- Lot approx.: 292 - 317 m2
- Purchase price approx. € 565,000

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Blauwspar III - Houses in farmhouse style

Beautifully situated on the historic and tree-lined Pastoor Bolsiusstraat, you will find Blauwspar III. This plan consists of 6 semi-detached homes and 4 semi-bungalows, all designed in special farmhouse style.

Semi-detached farmhouse style

The 6 semi-detached houses are designed in farmhouse style. With approximately 177 m3 of living space, this house offers you plenty of room. The lower part of the roof is steeper than the upper part and therefore offers extra space. The many details - such as the window bars, the shutters, and the wall anchors - provide a classic and rural look.

- Living space approx. 177 m2
- Lot approx.: 439 - 485 m2
- Purchase price approx. € 620,000

Lage Heide-Blauwspar III-Boerderijwoning semi-bungalow-ai exterieur.jpg

Semi-bungalow farmhouse style

These semi-bungalows are situated on spacious plots and built in farmhouse style. The houses will be equipped with a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor so that the house is suitable for life. The second floor will also have bedrooms and a second bathroom. Again, the many details provide a classic and rural look.

- Living space approx. 139 m2
- Lot approx.: 346 - 360 m2
- Purchase price approx. € 530,000

Mgr Smetsstraat

Situated in a very prominent location with lots of surrounding greenery is a characteristic, monumental house with barn. This so-called T-farm - because of its characteristic T-shaped ridge line - was built in 1919 and the barn dates from before 1800. On this beautiful location this monumental farmhouse will be redeveloped into two exclusive homes on very large plots! 

Mgr Smetsstraat Monumentale boerderij-renovatie & nieuwbouw-nieuwbouwproject-AI Exterieur-Valkenswaard-Lage Heide.jpg

Monumental farmhouse - renovation & new construction

The monumental farm from 1919 is completely renovated on the inside and outside and gets a completely new building on the backside. Through the large windows a lot of daylight enters the house. Thanks to the double driveway with carport, there is plenty of room for your car. And all this is located on a plot of 1,873 m2.

- Living space approx. 235 m2
- Lot approx.: 1,873 m2
- Global price approx. € 850,000

Mgr Smetsstraat Boerderijwoning met rieten kap-nieuwbouw-nieuwbouwproject-AI Exterieur-Valkenswaard-Lage Heide.jpg

Farmhouse with thatched roof - new building

On the place of the original barn, this spacious farmhouse is realized. Elegant and with all the luxury you expect from an exclusive home. The exterior will have a beautiful thatched roof. The French doors give access to a covered terrace. This farmhouse also has a double driveway with carport. And all this is located on a very large plot of 1,587 m2.

- Usable area approx. 212 m²
- Lot approx. 1,587 m²
- Global price approx. € 900.000 no contract.

Dromen over huis.jpeg

Building Plots

Are you dreaming of building your own home? Lage Heide gives you that chance! You can buy a building plot in Lage Heide. Would you like to know more? Please contact Gemeente Valkenswaard for more information.

Telephone number Gemeente Valkenswaard: 040 208 34 44 
E-mail:  gemeente@valkenswaard.nl

Houses in Lage Heide

Some already inhabited houses in Lage Heide
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